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Need help with an order? Call us at 775-233-9059
Need help with an order? Call us at 775-233-9059

Sizing Information


Ruby Pearl Co, Ruby and Sapphire Gems enhance your vaping experience by increasing heat retention. 

Because Ruby and Sapphire retain heat much better than quartz and ceramic, users can add these gems to their quartz banger or Puffco allowing you to take a much lower temp dab for better flavor. (around 80-100 degrees cooler)

These rubies and sapphires will allow you to get more flavor, increased surface area and a longer lasting dab everytime! 

Below are size recommendations

  • 3mm Ruby/Sapphire/Opal- Best for the Original Puffco peak. 
    (2-4 pearls recommended) 
  • 4mm Ruby/Sapphire/Opal- Best for the new Puffco Peak Pro.
    (1-3 pearls recommended)
  • 5mm-6mm Ruby/Sapphire/Opal- Best for a Standard 25mm Banger.
    (1-2 pearls recommended) 
  • 8mm Ruby- Best for 30mm bangers or big globs.
    (1 pearl recommended).
  • 10mm-12mm Ruby- Most commonly used as a valve pearl that rests on top of the chamber of a slurper
    (1 pearl needed)
  • Ruby/Sapphire Pillar- Sits vertically in the chamber of a slurper.

  • 20mm Ruby- Best used as a slurper or blender marble.

Any questions please reach out to @RubyDealer on Instagram or call Andrew our wholesale manager at (775) 233-9059.

Thank you for your support!